Graduation Project (EÜT 402) Course Details

Course Name: Graduation Project
Code: EÜT 402
Pre-requisite Course(s): EÜT 401 Industrial Design V
Objective: Improving the skill of using universal design principles and criteria learned in the previous terms consistently and efficiently in accordance with the design purposes. Multi dimensional problem solving; enabling students to produce solutions, which demonstrate conceptual, functional and formal consistency, efficient, which meet the needs and are manufacturable by industrial means in accordance with the specific needs of defined target user group.
Content: In a Project development process, where Industrial Design process is planned and implemented with a high level of awareness and which is in compliance with the companies, it is expected that conceptually developed projects meet the basic design requirements such as usability, manufacturability, aesthetic, innovation, interaction with the user and product language. The projects are evaluated in studio environment by juries.
Term: Spring
Theory: 4
Application: 6
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 7
ECTS Course File: Course File
Course File:
ECTS: 18