Basic Design I (EÜT 101) Course Details

Course Name: Basic Design I
Code: EÜT 101
Pre-requisite Course(s): -
Objective: Teaching Design Principles with Visual Practices
Content: This course, which is introductory in terms of the basic concepts of design, aims to develop visual and creative thinking. In parallel with the theoretical infrastructure provided, the course includes practical applications at abstract and conceptual levels. With the help of these applications, students’ adoption of basic material knowledge and structural principles is intended. The course aims to teach students how to evaluate design problems with different perspectives, how to solve these problems and how to present solutions for these problems through the basic visualization techniques such as sketching and model making. These processes and presentations take place in an interactive studio environment. In this way, the visual and verbal presentation skills of the students are intended to be developed.
Term: Autumn
Theory: 4
Application: 6
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 7
ECTS Course File: Course File
Course File:
ECTS: 12