2016-2017 Undergraduate Program Course List

Compulsory Departmental Courses

Elective Courses Taken From Other Departments

Service Courses Taken From Other Departments

Area Elective Course

Compulsory Departmental Courses

EUT101 - Basic Design in Industrial Design I
Introducing the basic concepts of design, developing visual perception and creative thinking, abstract and conceptual practices, basic material knowledge and structural principles, evaluating design problems with different perspectives, basic visualization techniques; sketching and model making.

EUT102 - Basic Design in Industrial Design II
Fallow-up of EUT101, introduction to three dimensional product design, discovering the design process, combining research methods with creative thinking, developing both visual and verbal presentation skills.

EUT111 - Communication Techniques in Product Design I
Basics of geometry and drawing; introducing both two and three dimensinal concepts of line, proportion and composition, Strengthening both two and three dimensinal perception by working on object, technical drawings; ortographic drawing, axonometric, isometric and oblique drawing.

EUT112 - Communication Techniques in Product Design II
Basic information on perspective method for three dimensional product visualization, exercises on three dimensional objects with single point, two point and three point perspective methods, drawing surfaces, section drawings and manufacturing drawings of products, developing representation skills needed for design and presentation process.

EUT113 - Freehand Drawing Techniques
In the scope of product design, the content of the course is to ensure students to learn freehand drawing techniques, to use them fast and efficiently, to develop ideation sketches and visual communication skills, and to gain hand and eye coordination.

EUT116 - Model Making in Product Design
Model making techniques with the use of various materials. In order to assist the professional development of the students, paying attention to hand skill, accuracy, precision and cleanness.

EUT121 - Introduction to Industrial Design
Introducing the profession of Industrial Design, general information on the technical, artistic and sociological contents of the profession, design history and culture basics.

EUT144 - History of Design and Art
The development of art and product design from prehistoric times to industrial revolution and today, giving examples from the world and Turkey.

EUT201 - Industrial Design I
Developing creative thinking, process of solving design problems; generating functional and aesthetic solutions by considering design criteria such as innovation, product language and user-product interaction, developing scenarios for product, experiencing design process and conceptual methods appropriate for producible and usable products.

EUT202 - Industrial Design II
Basic problem solving of object design, basic system, object consisting of a few parts, three dimensional form development, basic model making, material use. Design of simple consumer products, material trials, use of simple mechanisms. Concept development in design problem, concept directed project implementation.

EUT211 - Communication Techniques in Product Design III
Perspective drawings to develop hand-eye-brain coordination, light, reflection, shade and shading subjects, illustrating objects having various surfaces and materials, coloring and shading techniques, solid geometry, intersections and expansion drawings.

EUT213 - Computer Aided Product Design I
Two dimensional drawing techniques.

EUT214 - Computer Aided Product Design II
Using solid modelling and NURBS modelling, which are three dimensional modelling techniques.

EUT223 - Materials and Manufacturing Methods in Product Design
The analysis of general characteristics of the materials and material focused production methods in order to choose the right material and production method in the design process. Explanations of product functionality and identity, factors affecting product design and within this scope, the role and importance of material selection and the sample product designs which have been successful internationally.

EUT224 - Mechanism and Detail in Product Design
Introducing basic concepts of structure concepts and construction of application projects with simple materials, introducing the physical and mechanical properties of materials, analysing loads, forces and pressure, analysing properties of objects, materials (rigidity and elasticit) and actions (tensile, compression, bending and folding).

EUT225 - Ergonomics in Product Design
Within the scope of industrial design, besides the basic concepts in ergonomics, theoretic and practical discussion on concepts such as physical and cognitive ergonomics, universal design, user experience.

EUT244 - Industrial Design History
The development of product design from the time period between the two world wars continuing to today, giving the examples from the world and Turkey.

EUT299 - Computer Literacy
Using 2D and 3D computer programmes.

EUT301 - Industrial Design III
Design problems on corporate identity, product identity, system designs, new technologies and technological applications and interface design are defined. Expectations are:meet the design requirements such as usability, producability, aesthetics, innovation, interaction with the user.

EUT302 - Industrial Design IV
Design problems on corporate identity, product identity, system designs, new technologies and technological applications and interface design are defined. Expectations are:meet the design requirements such as usability, producability, aesthetics, innovation, interaction with the user.

EUT322 - Meaning in Design
Focusing the link between form and content. Design approach as a visual text within the framework of concepts and theories of semiotics.

EUT333 - Design Management and Marketing
Design, research & development, innovation, corporate marketing, product development.

EUT399 - Workshop Practice (Production)
Production summer practice: Product establishment, making observation, and reporting its main production processes.

EUT401 - Industrial Design V
Creating a high level of awareness while designing products in compliance with the companies. Conceptually developed projects with basic design requirements such as usability, manufacturability, aesthetic, innovation, interaction with the user and product language.

EUT402 - Graduation Project in Industrial Design
Project development in compliance with the companies. Gaining professional life experience of each student as a result of working with a firm (design process such as design strategy, product range, material and production techniques of the firm).

EUT421 - Vocational Guidance and Portfolio Design
Design Business, job opportunities, academic career, worldwide design business, portfolio design. Issues, practical applications and materials related to professional career. Designing a digital and a printed portfolio in accordance with the knowledge gained.

EUT499 - Office Summer Practice
Office summer practice: Collection, documentation and presentation of physical reference materials of design students in relation to their design works.

Elective Courses Taken From Other Departments

- General Elective

Service Courses Taken From Other Departments

ENG 121 - Basic English I

ENG 122 - Basic English II

ENG 221 - Basic English III

ENG 222 - Basic English IV

ENG 321 - Basic English V

ENG 322 - Basic English VI

HIST 101 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution I
The decline of the Ottoman Empire and the developments leading to the Turkish Revolution.

HIST 102 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution II
Foundation of the Turkish Republic and principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

HIST 201 -

TURK 401 -

TURK 402 -

Area Elective Course

EUT351 - Product Oriented Packaging Design
Making 2d drawings and sketches and 3d modelling and models related to packaging for industrial design.

EUT361 - Computer Aided 3D Modelling in Industrial Design
3d visualization of the projects using 3ds Max. Product design presentation in virtual environment as 3D with modeling technics such as box, spline and pollygon.

EUT362 - Computer Aided 3D Visualization in Industrial Design
Visualizing and presenting product designs in the best way through the use of computer programmes.

EUT371 - Sustainability in Industrial Design
The concept of sustainability and current approaches. The design of a product in line with sustainability considerations.

EUT372 - Intellectual Property Rights and Protection of Industrial Design
All the general information on Intellectual, Property Rights and Protection of Industrial Design

EUT381 - Color in Product Design
Basic color knowledge, natural facts related to color, Color-Light relationship, compositional characteristics of color, the effects it creates, visual, aesthetic, psychological and perceptual characteristics of color, perception of color with 5 senses, trends in color, color perception and effects in space, color and culture interaction.

EUT391 - Cinema and Design
The investigation of industrial design needs in film making process.The examination of the innovative and creative industries. The discussion about the influence of cinema on the development of design and the influence of design on the development of cinema.

EUT451 - Competition Oriented Design
Participation in design competitions considering their deadlines and terms of conditions.

EUT452 - Disabled Oriented Product Design
Meeting the basic design requirements such as; usability, manufacturability, aesthetic, innovation, user-product interaction and product language.

EUT453 - Scientific Toy Design
Development of handling skills by using hand tools at optics, acoustic and electricity workshops. Observing large scale scientific toys as visiting science museums and science centers in Ankara. Exhibition of all designed and produced scientific toys.

EUT454 - Automotive Design
The course focuses on teaching students the automotive design and its technical and intellectual infrastructure.

EUT461 - Computer Aided 3D Animation in Industrial Design
Gaining knowledge about how to move, rotate and animate 3d objects in 3d environment. Presentation of animated product design according to user scenario.

EUT481 - Designer and Industry
Design and academic subjects, design and ethics, industry and design, firms and designers, producers and designers

EUT491 - Industrial Design and History of Culture
The description of architectural styles, art, technology through the necessities of daily life like the scripts, equipment, costumes, transfer means etc. of the past cultures in chronological order, taking into account the political and religious history related to the social and economic structures.