Department of Industrial Design at Turkey Design Week

Organized by the Ministry of Economy and Turkish Exporters Assembly between 19th and 23rd October for the first time, Design Week Turkey brought international designs world together and hosted more than 30.000 visitor in 5 days. Design Week Turkey, held in Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar - ICEC, brought visitors together with innovative products, workshops, valuable names of design world, universities, contests and exhibitions from all around the world.

Design Week Turkey was organized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy and Turkish Exporters Assembly and strategical partnership of Arcelik, Ford Otosan, Seranit Group and Sisecam in Istanbul Lutfi Kirdar - ICEC for 5 days. The event had very extensive content including the products of Turquality making a difference with its designs; interviews and panels in which leading persons of fashion, industrial design and visual communication fields shared their experiences and trends; international exhibitions, Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards exhibition and award ceremony, national and international design offices, the best design schools of the world popular in the field of design, product exhibitions and workshops of the finalists of design contests organized by exporters assemblies.

In the opening of Design Week Turkey, Design Turkey Industrial Awards, which was held with the cooperation of T.R. Ministry of Economy, TIM and ETMK and is among the biggest award organizations held in the area of innovation and branding in Turkey, were granted to their owners. Among 350 industrial designs which were evaluated by an international jury that involves more than 30 design authorities including Filiz Ozsuca, Deputy Chairperson of the Department of Industrial Products Design, Atilim University; 7 were entitled to Supreme Design, 36 entitled to Good Design and 7 entitled to Concept Design Awards.

7 products that were deemed worthy of Supreme Design Award were; Everest named cutlery designed by Ahmet Toplu for Karaca, Selamlique Encapsulated Turkish Coffee Machine designed by Nihat Duran for Arçelik, SBS Cosmos Flush Handle designed by Onur Onrat for Arçelik, living and working unit named Oblivion designed by Koray Malhan for Koleksiyon Furniture, modular sofa group designed by Giuseppe Manente and Abramo Mion for Koleksiyon Furniture, fountain-pen and roller ball pen series named Heritage designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu for Scrikks and Kestane Natural Spring Water Bottle designed by Eda Yılmaz for Şişecam.

A number of important persons such as Zuzanna Skalska, Paul Cohen, David Grossman,  Micheal Young, Patrick Rampelotto, Sara Garanty, Sauli Suomela, Gökhan Akış, Sertac Ersayın (Chairperson of IDST), Dr. Yasuko Takayama and Yarosav Yakovlev met with visitors in Design Week Turkey.

Within the scope of Design Week Turkey, total 22 students from different classes of the Department of Industrial Products Design, Atilim University opened an exhibition and participated in conferences and panels. Return workshop of Patrick Rampelotto hosted a large number of creative works and attracted the attention of the students of our department. Workshops conducted within the concept of design gathered young designers studying in different universities of Turkey and design students invited from abroad. Young designers coming from different cultures chased after creative design ideas under the leadership of well-known designers in workshops where they examined up-to-date design subjects.  Our booth and graduation projects of our students draw remarkable interest during the event.